12 of the Best Apps to Learn French

12 of the Best Apps to Learn French

The 12 Best iPhone Apps for Learning French

Learning a language is a wonderful challenge. It can open up new opportunities, allow you to converse with new people, and serve as a tool on your travels.

The French language is used throughout the world in places like France, Canada, Belgium, Haiti, Monaco, and many other countries.

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If you’ve embarked on a journey to learn French, there are some apps that will support you in your endeavor. Here are 12 of the best apps to learn how to speak French.

For many people, learning is easier when it’s enjoyable. Duolingo uses games, innovative reward systems, and offers constructive feedback and practice on your trouble areas.

Duolingo teaches how to read, write, listen, and speak in French, and it’s proven to be very effective. It’s been voted as best app by several sources, and the price is right — free.

This offline book of phrases comes in handy when you’re learning French.

Use flashcards, basic phrases, numbers, days, greetings, and more. SpeakEasy has a simple and appealing interface that just about any user can navigate.

If you plan on using French in a more formal setting, Open Language French will be the ideal app for you. Geared more toward internationally-accepted foreign language teaching guidelines, you’ll follow a course of instruction that’s more linear in nature.

It may not be as fun as playing games, but Open Language French is one of the most comprehensive language apps out there.

MindSnacks has won awards for best educational app, and it continues to delight users with a fun and lighthearted teaching style.

Designed by experts, MindSnacks manages to make learning French exciting and addictive. Grammar, context and real-world vocabulary has never been so entertaining.

One thing often heard from foreign language learners is how much TV, movies, and videos helped them learn a new language. Maybe it’s seeing things acted out as they’re spoken, or perhaps it’s the nuances in people’s expressions.

Whatever the reason, FluentU is a video-based learning app that teaches language through cool real videos from around the world.

There are over 3000 phrases to learn on MOSAlingua’s app. The timed repetition has proven effective for many users, and you can easily change levels as you progress.

The app was designed to save time, money, and keep you motivated. Think of it as a personal language coach in your pocket.

Are you someone who likes to laugh and finds humor the best method for learning? If you are, Memrise is probably the ideal foreign language app for you.

It uses quirky concepts and hilarious images to get you speaking French in no time. You can even compete with friends to see who can reach language goals first.

Busuu is basically a social network for learning French and other languages. There are both adult and kid versions to download. Use the games and audio grammar lessons, or reach out to someone in the Busuu community for help.

Take Rosetta Stone’s award-winning language program with you everywhere you go.

There’s even a brain fitness section that will keep your cognitive skills top-notch. The lessons in this app will go a long way in helping you improve your French.

Not every tip is available through learning courses. Sometimes the best answers come from those who actually speak the language.

Get the HiNative app so you can receive answers to all your French language questions from the people who actually speak it daily.

Flashcards can be an incredibly useful tool for learning a new skill. If you want to create your own French flashcards, Brainscape is an app that will allow you to do so.

You can also look for already-made flashcards that work well for you. Use the app for French, or any other subject you’re interested in learning.

Babbel combines its mobile app with its website to form an excellent foreign language learning platform. You’ll be able to polish your pronunciation, learn new phrases, conjugate your verbs, and more in this top-rated program.

The goal is to retain the information in your long-term memory so you can use your new French language skills for years to come.

Technology brings forth innovative ways for all types of students to learn and acquire a new language. Use these best apps for learning French in your daily life when you have a spare moment. It’s a great way to support learning French. Between classes, private lessons, conversational meet-ups, and a few apps, you’ll have French down before you know it.

What helps you study French? Share your favorite apps, games, and study guides in the comments below!

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